Body Breast & Beyond


It is the world’s most comprehensive surgical training in body contouring and mammoplasty in fresh frozen specimens. 

Take your surgical practice to the next level by doing the world’s most complete course in mammoplasty and body contouring using fresh frozen specimens. Become a Master at the most advanced techniques: Fast Recovery Mammoplasty, High-definition Body counting, and Gluteal Fat Grafting (Brazilian Butt Lift®). 

PREMIUM | 5th to 6th of September

Two immersive days without hands-on

SUPER PREMIUM | 5th to 7th of September

A whole immersive experience, including one hands-on practical day in FreshFrozen Specimens


SEPTEMBER FROM 5th to 7th - 2024









5th SEP

IMMERSIVE LECTURES          AND LIVE delineations

Anatomic and surgical training in fast                           recovery mammoplasty 

  • Surgical anatomy of breasts to fast recovery – Dual Plane Pocket
  • Surgical anatomy of breasts to fast recovery – Subfascial Pocket
  • 14 points plan to place mammary implants 
  • The 10 points of fast recovery of breast raise surgery
  • Split Muscle Support to Mammary Implants Stabilization 
  • Fast recovery mastopexy with implants 
  • Pharmacological management: protocol step by step 
  • The safety way to avoid bleeding
  • Short scars: how to get it? 

Fat Grafting: volumization and recovery 

  • Fat preparation techniques
  • Lipografting principles: from basic to advanced techniques 
  • Nanofat, microfat, macrofat, stem cells, stromal vascular fraction: what is the role of each technique, and what is its use in body contouring and regenerative plastic surgery?

Gluteal Fat Grafting

  • Gluteal anatomy applied to gluteal fat grafting
  • Gluteal beauty requirements 
  • Surgical planning
  • Safety at gluteal fat grafting
  • BBL reversion: How can we avoid raising this demand?
  • The Real Brazilian Butt Lift®.
  • Gluteal Codes® technique

Ultra HD Liposuction

  • Choosing patients
  • Fat Crafting Intramuscularly ultrasound-guided to get a natural body definition
  • Critical points to male and female high-definition liposuction 
  • Complications at Ultra HD Liposuction: How do we deal with them?
  • Principles of Ultrasound-guided Lipocrafting in several muscular groups: rectus abdominis, obliques, breastplate, trapezius, deltoids, biceps, triceps, vastus lateralis, and medial. 


  • RAFT (Rectus Abdominis Fat Transfer)
  • Neoumbilicoplasty
  • Saldanha Lipoabdominoplasty
  • Abdominoplasty TULUA and Mini-TULUA
  • Lipoabdominoplasty: combined techniques

Real-time delineations

  • Fast-track recovery mammoplasty
  • Ultrasound to liposuction Ultra HD
  • Gluteal Codes™: Safety and pattern Brazilian technique to lift the butt

BONUS Workshop

  • Basis of ultrasound in body contouring surgery: how to improve your skills and raise your surgical practice to the next level by adding an ultrasound

6th SEP

Demo surgeries

Real-time surgical demonstrations

  • Dual Plane to fast-track recovery with dissection of perforating veins – Dr Juan Seren
  • Mastopexy with Split Muscle Support – Dr André Cervantes
  • Subfascial anatomical protesis – Dr Luis Perin
  • Mastopexy short scarf – Dr Guilherme Graziosi
  • Mammary Lipocrafting – Dr Alexandra Condé-Green
  • Intramuscularly gluteal fat crafting technique – Dr Juan Seren
  • Neoumbilicoplasty in abdominoplasties – Dr Álvaro Cansanção
  • Genital Lipocrafting – Dr Alexandra Condé-Green
  • Scarpa Lift – Dr André Cervantes
  • Gluteal Codes® technique – Dr Álvaro Cansanção and Dr Alexandra Condé-Green
  • Liposuction Ultra HD® – Dr Álvaro Cansanção and Dr Alexandra Condé-Green
  • Abdominoplasty with TULUA and Mini-TULUA techniques – Dr Álvaro Cansanção and Dr Guilherme Graziosi 

7th SEP

Practical training under expert guidance (Super Premium only)

Hands-on course under our experts’ guidance: in our practical training, you are the surgeon, doing the procedures under direct supervision

  • Minimal spots
  • Training 100% hands-on
  • Practical and exclusive guidance
  • High quality fresh frozen specimens
  • We apply new techniques with specialised supervision (complete monitoring)
  • The only practical training that combines modern techniques of both breast and body contouring surgeries



Besides the immersive experience in anatomy and surgical practice in Fresh Frozen Specimens, BBB is a unique and changing course at a world level. 



Meet the Body, Breast and Beyond professors



The BBB anatomy course offers two exclusive learning experiences to help you achieve your professional goals and aspirations in body contouring and breast surgeries. Spots are limited; enjoy! 


Date September 05th - 06th 2024
  • 2 training days
  • Lectures
  • Real-time demonstrative surgeries
  • Coffee Breaks
  • Lunches
  • Welcome Dinner
  • Transfer come and back
  • Bonus: Ultrasound Workshop


Date September 05th - 06th - 07th 2024
  • 3 training days
  • All benefits from premium
  • Exclusive classes for 4 students
  • Surgical Practice in Fresh Frozen Specimens


1st edition attendees

Discover the changing impact of our BBB course through the participants of the first edition sayings. They shared their memorable experiences, showing the programme’s excellence in offering no-limits knowledge. 


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O Body Breast & Beyond (BBB Anatomy) é um curso de imersão exclusivo para cirurgiões plásticos que acontecerá nos dias 6, 7 e 8 de Setembro de 2024 em Madrid, Espanha. O curso será focado em capacitação cirúrgica em contorno corporal e mamoplastia, utilizando peças anatômicas frescas. É reconhecido como o mais completo curso do mundo nessa área.

The course goes deep through Fast-track Recovery Mammoplasty, Lipografting: Volumizations and Recovery, Gluteal Lipografting, Liposuction Ultra HD, and Lipoabdominoplasties. Each module is designed to offer you a comprehensive understanding of plastic surgery techniques.

The speakers and professors are six experts recognized worldwide, including Dr Luís Fernando Perin, Dr Guilherme Graziosi, Dra Alexandra Condé-Green, Dr Álvaro Cansanção, Dr Juan Seren and Dr André Cervantes. Each of them brings vast experience and specialised knowledge to your respective fields.

BBB Anatomy is an intensive three-day course created by and for surgeons who look for excellence in their body contouring and breast surgical practice. The first day is dedicated to a theoretical immersion focused on the most modern techniques, complemented by a real-time delineation session to better consolidate the learnings. On day two, the attendees will have a unique chance to watch 12 detailed demo surgeries made in anatomical pieces, creating a realistic and deep viewing of the procedures. The third and last day is reserved for an immersive, unique and exclusive experience: a session of dissection with the participation of only 4 selected students each time. Meanwhile, the others will have privileged access as watchers. This structure was carefully planned to ensure an ideal balance between theory and practice, offering a comprehensive and unique learning experience. 

At BBB Anatomy, the attendees will have the one life opportunity to learn and apply the most up-to-date techniques in Body Contouring and Mammoplasty. During the training, you will be guided by worldwide recognised experts, watching detailed demonstrations and participating in deep conversations. Furthermore, for a highly exclusive group of 4 students, there will be an unequally shot of hands-on during the dissection sessions, providing an intimate and practical application of the learned skills. All attendees, whether by direct practice or by watchers, will be highly prepared to incorporate the learned techniques in your surgical practice, taking it to the next level of expertise and professional capacity. 

Yes, it is. The students have free access to the professors during or after the course through exclusive WhatsApp groups, assuring continuous learning and support. 

To make your subscription, contact us through  WhatsApp. We strongly recommend doing it as soon as possible; they might be completed quickly once the spots are limited. 

The premium ticket assures you access to the theoretical course, demo surgeries, and the opportunity to watch a dissection session. It also includes benefits such as coffee breaks, lunches, and shuttle with the speakers.

On the other hand, the super-premium ticket guarantees all the premium ticket’s benefits and an exclusive hands-on experience for only 4 attendees: a dissection session, a unique opportunity to apply the techniques learned under the professor’s guidance. 

Yes, it does. As soon as the event concludes, all attendees will receive an International Participation Certification, recognising their abilities in the techniques taught during BBB Anatomy.  

Yes. The course is only for PLASTIC SURGEONS who desire to improve their skills and learn new Body Contouring and Mammoplasty techniques.